History of Larance Engineering Company

In June of 1954, A Lane Larance, a young petroleum Engineer graduate from Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, was employed by Magnolia Petroleum Company. In the 56 years since that time, Lane was employed by a major oil company (Magnolia Petroleum / Mobil Oil) for 10 years, followed by 10 years with independent oil companies ( Goerge W. Graham, Inc. and L.T. Burns Estate).

With 20 years experience in the oil and gas business, Lane became an engineer consultant for the industry in 1974 and incorporated as Larance Engineering Company in 1976.

Lane is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas with affiliation with the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the American Society of Petroleum Geologists and the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers.

Larance Engineering Company has provided professional services to such North Texas independent oil companies as Taubert and Steed, Bridwell Oil Company, L.T. Burns Estate, Medders Oil Company, Kadane Oil Company, Dillard Oil Company, and Perkins-Prothro.

Internationally, Lane has provided consulting services for Koch Oil Company for their Quatar (Persian Gulf) investments; and Bobby H. Burns and Goerge W. Graham in Ontario and Alberta, Canada.

Utilizing the expertise of it's technical staff of engineers and geologists, Larance Engineering Company has also submitted oil and gas prospects to the public for exploration. In 1992, Lane Operating Company was incorporated to drill and complete oil and gas exploration projects, and subsequently operate producing properties.

In 1985, Larcoe, Inc. was incorporated to operate a gas processing facility and market it's products. It has also evolved into making investments in the upstream part of the oil and gas business.

In addition to the more routine functions of these businesses, the passion remains for the challenges and problem-solving that exists within the industry; and the opportunity to be associated with highly exceptional and knowledgeable professionals has been exceptionally rewarding.

Registered Professional Engineers

A Lane Larance
B.S Degree: Petroleum Engineering (1954)
Louisiana Tech University
62 years of Technical and Operational experience
Registered Professional Engineer in Texas